Boiler Inspection Services

Moni’s Engineering  is a name you can count on if you want total assurance about the reliability of your boiler installation. Years of experience in  boiler servicing have given us the expertise you need to ensure that your boiler is in safe and efficient working order.

Moni’s Engineering offers a complete range of boiler servicing operations, including boiler inspections, service and repairs. We will service any marine vessel and industrial installation.

Boiler Inspection Service

The first step in any maintenance or repair of a boiler system is a good diagnosis. The Moni’s Engineering boiler inspection and reporting service offers a reliable analysis of the current status of the plant on which to base future plans. Moni’s Engineering engineers use highly sophisticated defect detection and verification equipment.

Boiler Repair

Fin and pin tubes, pressurized tubes, spiral wound tubes, pre-bent tubes and pressure vessel plates – whatever special replacement parts you need, we can produce duplicates in our workshop, and then fly them to you. Our flying squads are also available on short notice to complete the installation on a vessel or at a facility anywhere in the INDIA.


The Moni’s Engineering boiler workshops are fully equipped with all necessary machinery and tools to offer you top quality products for repair of any boiler type and make. Boiler Inspection Service’s workshop center is located in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

Tailored Solutions
If you need a service you didn’t see listed, call us. We’re always looking for new challenges. Moni’s Engineering is continuously extending its service offering to meet the needs of our partners. We create lifecycle services with our customers, enhancing their business – whenever, wherever.