Pressure Vessel and Pressure System Inspections

The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations require pressure systems to be inspected in accordance with a Written Scheme of Examination.

The regulations apply to owners and users of relevant fluids including steam, gases under pressure and any fluid kept artificially under pressure and which becomes a gas when released to the atmosphere.

There is a legal requirement for thorough examination of pressure vessels and receivers that contain steam, compressed air and refrigerants. Any pressure vessel containing compressed gas over 250 bar / litres capacity requires inspection.

To establish whether a vessel requires inspections multiply the vessel operating pressure (in bar units) by the vessel capacity (in Litres) i.e. 10 bar x 50 Litres = 500 bar / litres Capacity and therefore is above the 250 bar / litre threshold and requires an inspection with a written scheme of examination.

Owner / users of refrigeration plant containing pressure vessels, with compressor power over 25 kilowatts also require a written scheme of examination and inspection.

ISI can provide you with full compliance, by means of thorough examination together with Written Scheme of Examination documentation.


Moni’s Engineering carries out inspection of various pressure plants covered under the Factories Act like Pressure Vessels, Piping, Heat Exchangers, Reactors, Distillation Columns, etc. Our activities comprise of:

  • External Examination
  • Internal Examination
  • Non-Destructive Testing
    • Magnetic Particle Inspection
    • Ultrasonic Flaw detection
    • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (flameproof equipment with Thru-coat technology) with trend analysis
    • Dye Penetrant Testing
    • Radiographic Testing (Interpretation)
  • Pressure Testing
    • Hydraulic – We have flameproof pumps to carry out hydraulic testing in areas likely to have a flammable environment. We also have high pressure pumps up to test equipment up to 700 bar
    • Pneumatic – Usually carried out only whenprocess does not permit hydrotest.
  • Eddy Current
  • M.P.T Test